Training Your Dog to Not be Reactive on a Leash

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  • 1.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

Leash Reactivity
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Why your dog is reactive
The training process
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Videos and Steps
Step 1 : Managing your environment
Step 2: Establishing proper leash etiquette
Step 3: Training the "look at me" cue
Step 4: Training the U-turn
Step 5: Solidifying "look at me" and the U-turn on a walk with positive distractions
Step 6. Counter-conditioning under your dog's threshold
Surviving unexpected triggers
Step 7: Decreasing the threshold
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Course description

This course is a step-by-step guided program to decrease your dog's reactivity on a leash. Trainer Jesse Ciletti has put her successful training program for leash reactivity into an easy video tutorial so that you can train your dog to be calm on walks. Each step is explained thoroughly and is easy to follow. 

As a bonus, this course includes access to directly ask Jesse any questions you have through the entire training process! Get the chance to directly speak with Jesse and trouble-shoot any issues you have during your training. It's like hiring your own personal dog trainer! Access lasts 2 months from time of purchase. 

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Jesse Ciletti
Jesse Ciletti
Master Trainer

Jesse has studied under Dr. Ian Dunbar's Sirius Dog Training Academy, which practices scientifically based positive training techniques. 

She has become a behavioral expert after working with many different species of animals for 12 years, including dolphins, sea lions, monk seals, penguins, beluga whales, and of course dogs.  She is the master trainer for  She uses the same positive reinforcement training techniques for every animal with unanimous results. Jesse evaluates each case individually, catering her training techniques to best suit your dog's unique needs and your lifestyle. She will help you understand why your dog does what it does and guide you on how to improve its behavior.